Barry Woledge

My own coaching style is both searching and inspiring. I seek to bring issues alive and make coaching sessions vibrate with energy and spark with ideas. I believe that all obstacles can be overcome, all problems turned into opportunities. By bringing situational leadership alive, providing alternative frameworks and context, executives are enabled to develop new and innovative solutions.


Barry is a leading exponent of executive coaching having been professionally engaged in the work since 1994 and prior to that had incorporated coaching within his professional business portfolio in the UK and overseas.

Barry started life as an operator with British European Airways. His career migrated to labour relations during the periods of significant industrial strife in the UK and he played a pivotal role in the creation and reshaping of British Airways, including the corporate change programme and privatisation. After a spell in the USA, Barry left British Airways and was appointed a main board Director with the Lancer Boss Group.

After leading the business through some difficult pan-European adventures, Barry joined the British Railways Board as the Director of Human Resources and board member for the InterCity business. Barry was instrumental in successfully leading the people of this business to the starting line for a privatisation.

Barry was a founder of The Change Partnership in 1994, and a founder of Praesta Partners LLP in 2005.

Barry is a fulltime coach and Boardroom facilitator and continues to deliver his brand of expert coaching in the UK and internationally.

Uniquely, Barry is as much at home working with senior executive teams as he is working with individuals. He has developed the art of translating coaching skills in to the top team environment and spends half of his life in boardrooms around the globe doing just that.

Professional Expertise

Barry has been a specialist executive coach and expert facilitator since 1994 and has worked with individual and corporate clients from a wide range of industry, commerce, government and private practice. Barry an operator by nature and delighted when managing multiple agendas in real time. He has a great feel for how people and organisations really work and was a formidable labour relations practitioner and culture change expert.

Education, Qualifications, Professional Positions

Fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Manchester Business School Executive Development Programme
Fellow Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Selected Client Companies

Angel Trains
Apetito A.G.
Arriva plc
Balfour Beatty plc
C Hoare & Co
Cross Rail
D2 Communications
Go Ahead Group plc
National Express Group plc
Northern Rail
Northumbrian Water plc
Transport for London
The Co-Operative
WM Morrisons plc
Zurich Financial Services

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