The Boards we work with include listed, private equity and family businesses; government departments; public sector organisations; professional partnerships; and bodies in the voluntary sector. Our work with Boards has a common root in that we add value to the people who populate them, individually and collectively.

UK Corporate Governance Code, regulatory activity and social media has placed an intense spotlight on Board’s effectiveness and guidance of the organisations for which they are accountable and the Board values and how it measures up against the best.

Board reviews

We conduct sensitive, insightful board reviews that enable Chairmen and Directors to identify aspects of their board’s work that, if done differently, will improve its effectiveness. Our reviews typically cover two things: what the board works on (content and process) and the way it works on it (culture and behaviours).

Working with directors

We work successfully with individual Chairs, CEOs and Directors to help them do the best-possible job.

The role demands different leadership skills and behaviours to those commonly practised by CEOs and other senior executives, from whose ranks Chairs are usually chosen. We help Chairs prepare for and step up to their role. Becoming a Chair of an organisation for the first time, particularly of one that has a high public profile, is a unique challenge. 

We act as coach and confidential sounding board, to many CEOs. A CEO’s job is not only one of the most demanding it is also a lonely role. We become fellow travellers on their journey. 

Many executive and non-executive directors who join a board for the first time find it is an experience for which they are almost completely unprepared. We help them comprehend and become confident in their new “cabinet” role, and thereby avoid early pitfalls and make a valuable contribution.

We help talented executives become credible, attractive candidates for board positions. We continue to support them as they step up.

We know Boards work best when a range of talents, experiences, skills and knowledge are brought to bear with Directors with diverse backgrounds.  We were pioneers in supporting, enabling, promoting and supporting women in their aspirations to become Board members.

Board events
Most boards benefit from spending quality time off-site. We help Chairman, CEOs and Board Secretaries plan and prepare off-site meetings which we facilitate.