Prospective CEO develops greater resilience and courage

The client was a successful, senior, public sector manager preparing for the possibility of assuming the Chief Executive role of a high profile organisation in a politically charged and sensitive environment. This would require him to adopt a much higher profile and leadership role. He had major fears and doubts about his ability to develop the necessary resilience and toughness to deal with the likely challenges ahead. The coaching explored how he could draw on inner reserves and support mechanisms from other parts of his life, and by reflecting on role models he admired from both current and historical context, develop far greater confidence and firmness of purpose. He is now successfully leading the organisation through some very challenging times.

Director develops grounded and assertive leadership style and board respect

The client was a director in an insurer operating worldwide and had been promoted via technical proficiency. She had never addressed her inner critics of “no degree”, “not good enough” and “you’ll be found out”. Her approach was to continuously subordinate herself, mentally if not behaviourally.

Understanding of the following was gained through coaching:

  • Difference between passivity, assertion and aggression
  • The psychological games people play in “parent, adult and child” modes
  • Authenticity in leadership
  • How confidence can be added to competence

All the above were worked through in real time by practising new approaches in board discussions and cross-company projects led by her. The result was a successfully led project and acceptance as a peer at board level. Also her self perception of being grounded was confirmed by feedback from her colleagues through an all round review undertaken by her coach.


Director develops self-confidence and presence

The client was a Marketing Director for a major supplier of specialist equipment. Although nominally a member of the board and top executive team, she felt she was being treated and regarded as a second-class citizen. The coaching conversations and 360° feedback identified that her self-perception was becoming reinforced in the way she behaved and reacted, in particular, in the tone and length of her interventions. Through the coaching the client worked out clear strategies for slowing down her delivery, developing more gravitas and a stronger presence, and changing her self-perception from subordinate to peer. Her self-confidence and overall sense of well being were transformed.