Our Services

We are expert executive coaches who help individuals, top executive teams and boards rise to challenges and raise their game.

One to One Coaching for Executives

Our one to one work with individual clients helps them to achieve their goals by accessing and developing their own abilities. We create a completely confidential space in which we work on these issues as partners. Our business and coaching experiences combine to allow clients to unlock their full potential. More >

Team Development and Facilitation

As executive coaches, focused on helping leaders develop their potential to deliver greater business benefit, we are increasingly called upon to apply our expertise to the development of leadership teams. Often, as a result of coaching a senior executive, it becomes clear that their business will be best served if we help them develop the leadership impact of their whole team. More >

Board Reviews

With boards, we conduct sensitive, insightful reviews using our knowledge of best practice as a benchmark. Thereafter, we work with the board and its Directors to help them implement changes designed to raise the Board’s effectiveness and, thereby, the performance of the organisation as a whole.

Executive Profiling

Executive Profiling provides an objective, scientific and rigorous insight in to an individual and their strengths as well limitations. It looks beyond what individual might say and do but elicits what is going on underneath the surface in terms of their drivers, motivations, values as well as possible derailing behaviours. Our leadership advisory partners, Saxton Bampfylde and their core in-house team of qualified occupational psychologists, provide a safe environment for individuals to discuss and explore their style of leadership.  Through a combined method of bi-graphical interview and psychometric feedback, they unpack how a leader affects and influences others; leads, motivates and inspires teams; copes with stress as well as solve complexity, think strategically and lead through change. Executive profiling is a quick and effective way of accelerating any coaching intervention by providing both the individual and coach with an invaluable baseline from which to begin their coaching journey.  

Executive Search

Executive Search aims to identify the best and most diverse possible range of talent. Our executive search partners, Saxton Bampfylde, bring a track record of over 30 years finding successful leaders and have been pioneers in research-intensive executive search from the outset. Advising organisations across the private, public and non-profit sectors, their in-house researchers work solely on one project at a time, allowing them to have real and rich conversations with a broad range of sources and candidates. It is through these conversations that point them towards the individuals that add both quality and diversity to executive teams and boards, whilst also being effective advocates for clients in the market, and enthuse people about a role or an organisation that might not otherwise have been on their radar.